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About Me

I’m a small town Midwest girl that fell in love with an Arizona boy and photography. I have a fresh and timeless style, a simple approach to my business, and a calmness behind the lens that allows us to have a lot of fun, stay relaxed, and snap those AMAZING images of your life!

Emily Snitzer (aka Emily Jo, Mimi, Em, Emilina Josephina)

Seth Snitzer – computer dude, fisherman, and love-of-my-life

Mama to
Ellis (super cute mini human), Bronx (senior pug), and Beanie (crazy fluffy kitty)

Calls home
Gilbert, Arizona. And Wisconsin too – where I grew up!

Random facts
– Loooove cheese
– Wanted to be a pig farmer growing up…until I realized what they really did
– Graduated from ASU with a Computer Information Systems degree
– Became obsessed with photography after meeting our wedding photographer in 2009
– Serious night owl, so don’t be surprised to get an email from me way too late
– Always missing my family in Wisconsin
– Very much a home body
– Met my hubby on eHarmony and we even ended up in one of their commercials :)
– Every week I come up with a new car I want to buy
– Hate going to the grocery store
– I call pillows pellows – it was hard for me to even spell it with an “i”
– Have a 73′ beetle that I can sort of drive (it’s a stick that gives me serious anxiety)
– Love Reese’s, especially the holiday tree and egg shaped ones


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