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Midweek Randomness, take 46

Things have been CA-RAZY around the house the last couple weeks. Who knew how much chaos (and work for us) redoing the kitchen would bring. Two weeks ago we had to empty the contents of our cabinets and counters into boxes scattered around the dining room and now we are just starting to piece it back together. There have been lots of frantic searches for buried dishes, followed by Chipotle runs when the search team gives up. I am super excited though about the transformation our kitchen has made. Beautiful crown molding, lovely white cabinets, shiny new black granite, and just today we finalized our wood island. I am in looooooove with the island. In the coming weeks you may find me sleeping in my kitchen, working in my kitchen, and hey, maybe even cooking ;)


More kitchen images to come (and a before + after) once it’s all finished up. Which is hopefully soon!

We enjoyed a weekend roadtrip up to the cabin in Pinetop where we all got to do some of our favorite things, and we were almost snowed in! The boys enjoyed the outdoors with lots of hiking around and fishing in the snow. And me, I took at least two naps a day cozied up by the fire, got seriously into my current read, and yeah….that’s about it :) We all need a little of that sometimes.


Oh yes I did: more like Oh no, I didn’t! Why in the world have I not seen Breaking Dawn Part 2?? Its already out on DVD and I haven’t seen it. Something is seriously wrong and I will be making a trip very soon to pick up a copy. Me, Edward, Bella, STAT!

Currently: officially hooked on Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. I am already staying up way too late every night doing kitchen projects and now I get to bed and read this with a flashlight. Seriously good. Half way through and lovin it.

Details to come TOMORROW for spring mini sessions!

The next couple weeks I’ll be enjoying some Wisconsin visitors (love my fam!), putting the kitchen back together, going to some spring training games, and celebrating my lil brother’s 13th Birthday. Oh boy, almost a teen! Happy first randomness of March!

♥ Emily

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