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Michaella + Tyler | Phoenix Engagement Photographer

Would you like to hear the most amazing proposal story? Ok, here is the short version of the story from the bride-to-be, Michaella…

I had my first few days off from work in a while and I was planning on sleeping in and having a lazy day. To my surprise, my alarm clock went off at 8:00 am. I rolled over to turn the alarm off when I noticed there was a note saying, “Get up!” I got up and walked to the bathroom where there was another note telling me to go see our dog, Cato. On top of Cato’s cage was a note saying that I needed to drop him off at Petsmart. I did what I was told! A Petsmart employee gave me another note explaining that I needed to go home and pack for a trip. I raced home and packed. I was then instructed to go to Four Peaks where my boss would have my next set of instructions. I arrived at Four Peaks and my boss handed me a letter with the name and address of the hotel and my plane ticket…to Hawaii! I hailed a taxi and was off to Hawaii. When I arrived at the hotel, the lady at the front desk handed me a key to our room. On our bed in the hotel room was the last letter. It was directions on how to find Tyler. I followed them and they led me to the beach. Tyler was down on one knee and proposed to me at sunset.

Swoon. And here is the the lucky girl with her soon-to-be-husband :)

♥ Emily


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