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Midweek Randomness, take 45

A little late, but hey, its still officially Wednesday and its never too late for a little random babble. Right? :)

I’m back from spending a long weekend in Pennsylvania for Melissa and Ronnie’s wedding and I’m already missing the east coast a bit. It was my first time to the state of PA and my first time meeting the happy couple, both of which left a lasting impression. I just loved the landscape, all the textures around the city, the neat old houses and buildings (no two the same), the Tastykakes, and the beautiful bride and groom :) I feel like everything in PA was so rich in history and had so much character. Compared to all the stucco and uniformity here in AZ, it was a nice, refreshing change. Also refreshingly cold on the big day. We’re talking 30 degrees with snow flurries and a chilly wind. But Melissa and Ronnie were serious troopers and braved the outdoors as long as they could to get some amazing naturey shots.


don’t forget about the…PIN

Once I got back home, I went straight into kitchen renovation mode. I had to jump right in and get to work on painting the kitchen walls from red to brown. And since I always underestimate the time it takes to prep and paint a room, this job went into the wee hours of the next day. Which then led to MY first experience using the new Keurig machine. We also had to clear off all the kitchen counters in preparation for the demo of our existing counters and the installation of the new. So in addition to the painting mess and the mess the boys made from me being gone three days, our kitchen had to be dismantled around the living and dining room, and for the last 24 hours we had to live without kitchen counters and a sink. My version of camping….making coffee and toasting a bagel on the living room floor this morning :) But as of 2:03pm today, we have ……beautiful …..shiny ……new …….granite counters. Oh, they are so pretty!!!! No more white tile counters, no more grout, and I can wipe a mess from the counter straight into the sink. Undermount sink = pretty big deal! I am in love! ♥ More to come…

Oh yes I did: ran up these stairs Rocky Balboa style!!! Boom. Then had a panic attack in the worlds largest and scariest roundabout in downtown Philly.

Currently: trying to get into Stephenie Meyer’s The Host for the umpteenth time. I’ve heard its a really good book, but I’m just having a hard time getting into it. When I saw there was a movie coming out based on the book, I decided I better try it again. Also, just bought Argo (love Ben Affleck) and Skyfall (the latest 007), which will be watched this weekend!

♥ Emily

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