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Midweek Randomness, take 44

Today I’m getting prepared to head to cold and snowy Pennsylvania for Melissa and Ronnie’s wedding. Even though the state of PA is currently under a Winter Weather Advisory (oh my!), I am still really excited to finally meet the bride and groom I’ve been exchanging emails with for almost a year, have a change of scenery, and I suppose…eat a philly cheese steak? :) Time to pack the winter gear, pack the camera gear, and figure out how I’m going to fit it all! Watch for some snowy teasers on Sunday.

In kitchen news…we successfully and even agreeingly decided on new and pretty cabinet hardware, cabinet molding, and wooden legs for our new island. It is rare that the hubby and I like the same thing, especially about this kitchen, so it was refreshing to knock off all these little things with both of us happy. Before the major work starts next week, I have to paint the kitchen walls. This task snuck up on me and now I will only have one day to complete it when I get back from PA, buuuut the boys are also off from work and school this ONE day, so I think I’ll be puttin them to work!

Since I can’t blog without a picture…here’s a photo bombing turkey! If you didn’t already, go check out the rest of Mandy and Matt’s wedding :)
PINOh yes I did: developed a deep love for rutabaga. Raw, baked, steamed, its good any way! Who knew this delicious mysterious vegetable even existed?! Try it. Do it.

Currently: sooooo very obsessed with The Lumineers album. I heard them perform on the Grammy’s on Sunday and immediately downloaded the album. Now I’ve been listening to it all week on repeat. The boys are officially sick of it, but not me! :) I belong with you, you belong with me. You’re my sweeeeetheart! Hey, Ho!

And yes, I’m still addicted to hot yoga.

♥ Emily

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