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Midweek Randomness, take 43

2 words…hot yoga. 2 more words…holy moly! I have always been a yoga fan, but I didn’t think the trend of hot yoga would EVER get me. I had no desire to try it, at all. Buuuut, this week I tried and not at all on purpose. I wanted to start my work week off right, so I went to test out a yoga studio by my house bright and early on Monday morning. I arrived, signed up for a two week trial at the front, and then went back to find the yoga room. And then I entered the yoga room…the VERY hot and VERY humid yoga room. I had wondered why they required you to bring a large towel to every class and now I knew, because you were about to seriously sweat your butt off. I had a quick chat with the yoga instructor and learned that all their classes were “hot” and 80 minutes long. I wanted to run, but I was already there with my large towel, so I sucked it up and got ready for class. Aaaaaand let me just say, it was AMAZING! I loved it. Every part of it. So relaxing, yet intense, so rejuvenating, and you really release all the tension and thoughts running through your head right along with every ounce of sweat. I walked out looking like a hot mess, but feeling oh so good and ready to tackle my Monday. So now I’ve tried hot yoga, LOVED it, and even returned this morning for class #2. Whew!! The studio I am trying out is Sumits Yoga Gilbert, but they have several throughout the Phoenix area and a few others across the country. Very cool environment, cute and clean space, new and fun music, and great instructors from what I’ve experienced so far.


Last week I did something huge and finally made decisions on our kitchen makeover, AND scheduled the work. YAY me! It only took my indecisive self six months to decide on everything, but at least now I know I am getting exactly what I want. I’ve had a lot of time to sit on it :) Work will be starting this month…new crown molding, granite counters, larger island with wood block counter, and refinished cabinets. Then we’ll add all the final touches, like new cabinet hardware, a pretty back-splash, and new paint on the walls. I love projects and I can’t wait to see and play in my new kitchen!

This last weekend we enjoyed the 10th annual Gourd Festival. As I’ve talked about before, the hubby’s family owns and runs a gourd farm down in Casa Grande and every year they host the Gourd Festival. It attracts thousands of people from all over the country to come and see the latest in gourd art, buy some dried gourds for their own arts and crafts, and eat some delicious fry bread and snow cones :) Yum!! If this has sparked your interest, you’ll have to check it out next February!

Oh yes I did: visited Whole Foods Market for the first time. And yes, I left with lots of delicious, fresh, local produce. It was more than I usually spend (which was expected), but I must say, it is much tastier too. Fo reals.

Currently: reading the book FISH! and next up is The Power of Positive Thinking. Wanted to read a few business/inspirational books and these are nice, easy reads that came recommended.

Will kick off 2013 weddings this weekend with Mandy and Matt! Wooooo!

♥ Emily

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