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Midweek Randomness, take 38

Today is picture day…for…US! I’m in my clients shoes for the day and feeling oh so anxious and excited! And um, nervous. I don’t feel like I am very good on THAT side of the camera, so I always get a lil bit nervous. Will my hair look frizzy? Will I smile like a dork? Does my skin look ok? Does this scarf look silly? All those same worries I’m sure my clients feel before their photo session. Yes, a photographer feels them too!

Here are the shirts that I grabbed last night at Macy’s 45 minutes before closing time. And that’s all you get for now, a fuzzy phone picture :)


Things have been a little quiet around here on the blog, but its only because things have been crazy busy in wedding and family photo land. Wrapping up fall wedding season and also family holiday portrait season. Phew! Probably the most crazy time of year, but my favorite too!

Here’s a little preview of what’s to come on the blog over the next couple weeks…


In the oh-so-exciting kitchen remodel news, we are getting closer…to making some final decisions. Really, we are! We started looking at new flooring for the kitchen as well, so we’ve been looking at the different options for wood and wood looks. We are leaning towards a wood laminate since real wood scares us a bit with dogs and living in the no moisture desert. Here is the style we like…


I’m off to iron shirts and try to apply the perfect make-up. Later!

♥ Emily

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