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Midweek Randomness, take 31

Its exciting to see “Midweek Randomness, take 31”. This means I’ve been doing pretty dang good in posting this once a week since starting earlier this year. Go me!

We’ve been continuing our kitchen remodel planning. After lots of countertop research, “pinning”, and friendly debates, I think we have it narrowed down to black granite and wood butcher block counters. But now a whole new world of choices are laid out for us…What color black? Thickness of granite? Tile backpslash? What color cabinets will look best? Oh my stars people, this is so hard. Being the queen of indecisive that I am, this is going to be quite the project.

Me and the hubby sporting the oh so cool hard hats while checking out granite at a local warehouse and me trying to be artsy with my camera phone.

Some of the details we are liking. Stone tiles, subway tiles, and this worn black granite.

Granite composite kitchen sink and touch activated faucet. Fo real!

In other news, I don’t like brussel sprouts. I tried, I really did. Cheese, butter, salt, garlic…nothing could sway me.

Football is officially here! With football comes fall, cooler weather, WEDDINGS, and of course my beloved Packers. In my house, football also means my boys (yes, even the dogs) are now entirely worthless to do chores and can be found camping out in the living room on Sunday, Monday night, and sometimes Thursdays. Sheesh! Last year the hubby was in 3 fantasy football leagues and I believe I asked if he could cut that down to 2 this year. So now we’re at 4! Lord help me.

And you are not mistaken, there are two TV’s in my living room. When we got a new wall mount TV Seth tried out a football Sunday having 2 games on, one on each TV…and after that day, we never got rid of the old TV. But hey, it makes him happy and it comes in handy for bargaining on my end. If I can get this new coffee table, you can keep two TV’s in the living room. ssshhhh :)

Have a good week!

♥ Emily

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  • September 12, 2012 - 1:42 pm

    Vicki - It wasn’t the two TVs that I noticed…It was the dogs! The pug caught my attention first because I have two of them, a fawn and a black. Love your midweek randomness. Good luck with the remodel.

  • September 12, 2012 - 10:15 pm

    Leah Wuertz - I’m not big on brussel sprouts either, but if you chop half an onion put it in a pan with some bacon fat then cut your sprouts in half and saute them! They are lovely!

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