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Midweek Randomness, take 30

Last night I made THE most delicious veggie tacos. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy my veggies and have been doing my best this year to cook healthier meals. I followed this recipe and added black beans for some protein. They were so tasty and even the hubby approved, so this will definitely be served again…probably soon…like tonight. Leftovers! :)


I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn’t know when. All it took was one long weekend with nothing to do and a little home remodeling…and I’m hooked to Pinterest! Totally not a bad thing, as long as I can keep the pinning to a reasonable amount during my work day :) I’ve been wanting to do some updating to my kitchen, so I started some initial research for what exactly I wanted to change. I thought this might be a good subject for Pinterest and yes, I was right. Holy moly, it makes me want to remodel, reorganize, re-everything my entire house. But I focused on the kitchen and here is what I have so far for inspiration.

White cupboards, black stone or wood counters, farmer sink, subway tile backsplash… aaaahhhh, I love.


Its been a while since I’ve updated my 101 list, so I just went through and crossed off a bunch of goals! Love doing that. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, go on and check it out here first. So here is what I checked off…

16. Get published in print – completed 5/2012 in Arizona Weddings!
24. Put together brochures for portraits and weddings – completed 8/2012
26. Shoot a wedding in another country – completed 4/2012
49. Photograph my dad and stepmom – completed 6/2012
80. Get a new phone – completed 6/2011, and again 7/2012 :)
87. Shoot a “Trash the Dress” session – completed 4/2012

And here are a few items that are currently in process…

10. Create a portfolio website – YAAAAAAY!
58. Go to a Packer game at Lambeau Field – we are going on November 4th!!!!
97. Get my childhood bed and Emily (my doll) from WI to AZ – my awesome dad is bringing them out to me next month!

Happy Wednesday folks!

♥ Emily

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  • September 5, 2012 - 10:42 am

    Meridith - I saw like 87 pins from you when I logged in the other day- I was like she’s hooked. Ha! But it’s so fun to use for decorating.

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