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As I approach my crazy season of weddings and holiday portraits, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts about how to make the MOST of your session. I often get questions about what to wear, picking a location, and wedding day schedules, so these are some of the topics I’ll be covering. I hope you enjoy!

First up, the ever-so-hard-to-decide what to wear for your family photo session.

DISCLAIMER: I an NOT a fashionista. At all. You can typically find me in pajama pants and a t-shirt and getting “dressed up” is changing into jeans and flip flops, BUT I have lots of fabulously stylish clients that continuously wow me, and educate me :) So let’s begin…

Tip #1: Don’t match…COORDINATE! Don’t feel like you all have to arrive in khakis and white shirts. In fact, please don’t :) Its much better to pick a couple colors that coordinate well with one another and then mix up those colors between the family members.

Example: The Sitzler’s picked browns and creams. This was a nice neutral choice that was great for fall, dressed up the jeans a bit, and blended really well with one another and the backdrop.

Tip #2: Don’t be scared to bring in some COLOR! Some of my favorite sessions from this year are those that brought in some fun, bright colors to their outfits. It is great for families with little ones and it makes the session have a really fun feel to it.

Example: LOVED the colorful outfits for this large family session. NO matching at all and yep, it totally works.

Example: The Koi’s picked a fun blue and pink and then coordinated the colors with mom-daughter and dad-son. Love how this turned out!

Tip #3: Play it up with some patterns. An option that I like, putting the parents in solid colors and the kiddos in patterns that coordinate with those colors.

Example: The Boberg’s are a great example of finding coordinating colors, using patterns, and looking good doing it.

Example: Here, mom and dad are in two different (and fun) colors that match the pattern the little lady is wearing. Totally cute!

Tip #4: Accessorize! Hats, jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, flowers – all fun ways to bring some dimension to your outfit. It also makes you look supa stlyish and gives you an opportunity to bring in some of your personality to the outfit. In addition to accessories, additional layers (jacket, cardigan, undershirt, etc) add great dimension, additional color, and an overall cool look.

Example: Layered tops, cute flower headpiece, and coordinating jewelry. Love.

Example: Love the sparkly and colorful accessories these girls sported.

Tip #5: Have some FUN with it! Find fun ways to showcase your family and what you’re all about. This doesn’t always have to be stylish, coordinated outfits. If that is NOT your family or you did that last year, then try something different!

Example: Showing some love for your alma mater :)

Example: Mohawks and dinosaur shoes? Yessss!

With all these tips in mind, I want to close by saying that you want your pictures to showcase YOU, so be sure the style and the outfit you are wearing, are in fact YOU. This is going to make you really feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, be confident, and totally rock your photo shoot!

All examples are happy and stylish Emily Snitzer Photography clients :) Happy Friday all!

♥ Emily

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