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Midweek Randomness, take 23

Today I have been running around like a crazy chic getting ready for my summer trip to Wisconsin. Why-oh-why does the to-do list always get so loooong right before a trip?? Maybe cause I have to bring all my work and camera gear with. Maybe because I’ll be away for more than two weeks. Maybe because I can’t decide what to pack for clothes, so I pack…everything. Yep, that’s probably why :) First up on my trip is Erin and Kurt’s wedding this weekend. On top of being a super sweet couple, their wedding is taking place in my hometown of Black River Falls. Can’t wait!!

By the way, I just looked up the 10 day weather forecast for Wisconsin…highs in the 80’s…lows in the 60’s. Yesssss! So sorry Phoenix peeps :p

For the last several months, the two extra bedrooms in our home have been…uuummmm…un-usable. Meaning, you can’t open the door due to empty luggage, photo props, photo gear, piles of “papers to file” scattered around (totally not my fault!!). I am typically an organization freak, so needless to say, its been driving me nuts! I finally took this entire last weekend and organized both rooms. BIG check off my list, and breeeeath. In the process, I was also able to…1) discover I am a photo bag hoarder 2) discover Seth is a hoarder of cords, cables, and ancient geeky school books 3) showcase my high school abstract art work to Seth, and 4) read through old love notes from Seth, aaaawwww.

Last week I had the honor of photographing a cocktail party for The Knot at The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale. Everything turned out fabulous – the amazing decor by J Barry Designs, the food, the drink, the people. I had so much fun shooting the event and connecting with new peeps in the industry! You can check out more here.


No song or movie of the week, I was cleanin and packin man!! Happy Wednesday :)

♥ Emily

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