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Midweek Randomness, take 22

While I was up in Pinetop shooting this awesome session, the hubby tagged along to “help”. This involved holding my random camera gear, helping all the girls walk through rough terrain, and lots of dancing with a My Little Pony to get the little one to smile. Hehe. Seth, you rock my world! We also had the camera flipped on us a few times and were able to get some cute pictures to mark our 3 year anniversary! LOVE it! I must add, I had to bargain with Seth to get him to agree to modeling. We finally settled on doing pictures while wearing our team shirts. Fine, you win!


Wondering what else we did up in Pinetop?? Lots of A) relaxing, and B) fishing


As the summer really sets in here in Phoenix, my usual photo session time (the couple hours before sunset) starts to look more and more miserable as the temperature rises above 100. As a result, I’m starting to move most of my sessions (if the client is willing) to just after sunrise instead. Yes, this means getting up at the butt crack of dawn. But it also means we get 70’s and 80’s…ooooh yeah. Email me if you want to do a sunrise session this summer. Yaaawns ;)

Song of the week: Sorry, still stuck on John Mayer’s new album! I’ll try to listen to something NEW this week. But go on and check out his CD, Born and Raised, if you haven’t already!

Movie of the week: We’ve watched a TON of movies lately, so I need to split this up. Favorite chick flick: The Vow. Favorite man movie: Contraband. Co-ed movie: The Way Back. All good ones and all worth renting!

Happy Wednesday folks!

♥ Emily

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