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Midweek Randomness, take 20

The last two Sundays, the hubby and I have gone out on the lake for the afternoon on his fishing boat. Since he got the boat last spring, I had only been on it once with him, mostly because he went out when I was shooting weddings and working on the weekends. But now after these two recent trips, I have really come to enjoy it (the views, the relaxing, the trying to fish) and this Sunday tradition may just have to continue. On our first trip out, I surprised myself and actually caught a fish. I could have sworn by its size and the difficulty reeling it in that it was a 10 lb bass, but again to my surprise, it was only 1 lb. Still I really wanted to proudly hold it and take a picture to load up to my Facebook (why else would you take a phone picture?), but after several minutes of me squealing and jumping, Seth had to return the poor little guy to the water before he was a goner. Next time, I WILL hold my fish!

Seth had to show me up on both trips by first catching a 3 lb bass and then on the 2nd trip catching a 4.5 lb bass. He held them too! :)


So in addition to “holding my own catch”, I have a couple other goals for our lake trips…

1) don’t be the only dork on the lake wearing your life jacket whenever the boat moves (safety first, right?)
2) get into the lake water – not sure this will ever happen, but hey, I’ll list it for good measure
3) learn to reverse the truck WITH the boat trailer on it – this comes after a weeee bit of an anxiety attack when I was left with the responsibility of parking the truck and trailer by myself

Ooook, enough fish talk for this girl!

Movie of the week: We Bought a Zoo. Oh my goodness, this was such a cute movie! I had forgotten who was in it and what the movie was about by the time it arrived from Netflix (I had to wait several weeks since Mr. Snitzer controls the Netflix account). Based on the cartoon previews before the movie started, Seth thought for sure that I had picked a Disney movie and was immediately moaning. But it wasn’t a cartoon! It stars Matt Damon (cmon, any movie with Matt Damon is a “guy movie”, right?) and Scarlett Johansson and I would consider it a feel good, family movie :) P.S. Seth ended up enjoying it too

Song of the week: LOVED this rendition of Damien Rice’s Volcano that Phillip Phillips performed on American Idol. Swoooon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IRvCpYXrrs

Happy Wednesday!!

♥ Emily

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