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Midweek Randomness, take 19

It’s been a CRAZY couple weeks. Dominating my April calendar was Amanda and Joe’s wedding in Cancun. Lots of prep before leaving, the wedding, trash-the-dress session on the beach, 7 days total in Mexico (poor me, right?!), and then returning back to the real world with so much photo goodness to go through. If you missed it yesterday, I featured my favorites from the wedding here on the blog. Coming soon…the trash-the-dress preview. So pumped!

For those that know me, you know that I am not a big fan of water other than my backyard pool. Oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, all FREAK me out! The unknown creatures ready to eat off my toes take over my mind. Yes, I’m very over dramatic when it comes to water. Soooo I thought I would share all the water activities that occurred while in Mexico. I…

– Happily splish splashed around in the ocean like a 5 year old on the beach of our resort. So proud!
– Learned how to float on my back with the help of two of my friends in the resort pool. Easy beans, just took 28 years!
– Shot Amanda and Joe’s trash-the-dress session on the beach and in the water. Amazingness!
– Went snorkeling in a local reef and after 2 hours finally let go of Seth’s arm and snorkeled off on my own a bit…
– Until I was head-to-head with a 5 foot nurse shark. FOR REALS!!! Which then takes us to…

I will never swim in the ocean again.


To close, below is a little preview of some of the amazing portrait sessions I am editing this week. Feel so blessed!!

♥ Emily


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