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Midweek Randomness, take 16

It’s a spring cleaning kind of week around here. This involves cleaning out closets and cupboards, filing and shredding oodles and oodles of papers, trying to talk my husband in getting rid of some of his clothes (semi clothes hoarding goin on!), and then getting overwhelmed because the house is more of a mess from my “organizing”. Ooooh, it WILL get done!

Song of the week: well I actually really really need one! I’ve been on the search for a song to go with my upcoming promo video that is in the works. Soooo hard to pick as it will be a major focal point of my new website, which is also in the works. So much fun stuff to come!

This is one of those days where I am struggling to come up with topics, things don’t always seem exciting around here :) So we shall look to the phone for what I’ve been up to…

1. Spending a long weekend in Las Vegas with good friends for 311 day!
2. Skyping with my little brother on his Birthday. So fun to be able to watch him open his presents :)
3. Brownie, our desert tortoise, wakes up from his winter hibernation.
4. The hubby modeling a pair of sunglasses that we found. So sophisticated honey!
5. Enjoying a super yummy bloody mary during our Las Vegas trip. mmmmmm
6. Working outside and breaking in my new sun hat. Not sure if it is cool, but I like! :)
7. Contemplating getting some ice cream at the gas station. By the way, my ice cream urge won.
8. Making banana and strawberry waffles! YUM, I love our Sunday brunches at home.


Thanks for stoppin by! :)

♥ Emily

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