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Midweek Randomness, take 14

The last few days I’ve been knee deep in tax craziness, and now that I have my own business I am ready to proclaim that… I despise tax time! Arrg! But I’m also happy to report that I am done. Well, not done with my taxes. But I’m done preparing my taxes and financials for my accountant to now DO my taxes. Phew, thank goodness they do that part!

This week I have also been staying up way too late every night with my phone flashlight app and my current read, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am only about a quarter of the way through, but I would already highly recommend and I’m totally addicted to it (like I usually get once I get into a book). Just talking about it now makes me want to go hop into bed and continue on. BUT I won’t because my dogs, currently laying under my desk, are here to pull me out crazy thinking like that. Oh, the struggles of working from home! ;)

Speaking of reading, do I need to read The Hunger Games that I am hearing SOOO much about?!

Last week at a local photographer meetup, PUG, I won a free year of Showit!! Showit is a portfolio website application that I’ve been looking into for several months, but haven’t committed on. So I’m totally stoked that I will now be building an amazing portfolio website that comes with lots of fun extras for my business. Watch for it over the next couple months :) If you are a photographer and don’t have Showit, check out their site. Or if you’re interested in a local PUG meetup, visit here.

And here are a couple of my favorite shots from last weekends sessions. The first one, little Miss K modeling in my new photo prop. Just ♥

♥ Emily

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