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Midweek Randomness, take 8

With the start of the new year (and can you believe the first month is already gone?!) I had a couple eating goals for my household. I wanted to start 1) cooking more at home, and 2) eating healthier. For those that know me, you know I’m not a cook. My usual specialties include Lucky Charms, Mac and Cheese, and microwavable quesadillas. So it was a pretty big deal when I started cooking the last few weeks and if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been cooking “healthy”. So what is my reaction to this crazy new step of domestication? I love it!! Well so far, haha :) Grocery shopping definitely takes more time and I have to do some planning before I go each week, but I’ve really enjoyed getting crafty in the kitchen and spoiling the hubby. My biggest challenge: not melting cheese on every meal, but it WILL get easier. As I figure out some of my favorite recipes, I will be sharing! Anyone else working on healthy eating goals?

This month I will be starting up Mimi’s Favorite Things again. What is this you may ask? Well I will choose something I have around my house that I just can’t live without or if I buy something new that I just love, then I will get one for you as well! Its pretty simple. Those that comment on the Favorite Things blog post will be entered to win, then I will do a random drawing for the winner each month. So watch out for it over the next week!

If you’re wondering what I’ll be up to this weekend…I will be at the 9th annual Gourd Festival in Casa Grande! What? You didn’t know there was a Gourd Festival right here in Arizona?! Well you better listen up :) Some of my husbands family owns a gourd farm down in Casa Grande and every February they have a festival where you can of course buy some gourds, check out lots of crafty gourd artists and vendors from around the country, be entertained (dancing and gourd racing), and lastly eat some delicious fair food. Come and check it out! Rain or shine, Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande February 3-5.

Laaastly, a lil teaser from a very sweet newborn session this week. Oooohhhh aaaahhhh.


Happy Wednesday! And remember to watch for the groundhog tomorrow :)

♥ Emily

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