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Midweek Randomness, take 12

Today is Leap Day, we’ve all been given an extra day! And for a couple friends of mine, they finally turn 7 :) This morning I learned from Google that these bday holders are called “leaplings”, aaaaah interesting. Also, while doing my research I learned the true purpose of Leap Year…is it bad that I didn’t already know this?? For those of you like me, now sitting there feeling a little silly, just click here for a quick astronomy lesson.

And a little somethin for those unconventional single ladies out there. Today is YOUR day! haha

Four hundred years ago, women weren’t allowed to propose marriage to men…except on leap day. While the source of this switcheroo isn’t 100 percent clear, folklore traces the tradition to fifth-century Ireland, when St. Bridget supposedly complained to St. Patrick that gals were sick of waiting around for their procrastinating men to pop the question. Patrick consented to a leap day role reversal and, by some accounts, also declared that men who declined the proposal would be fined! source: msn

This last week I did two things I’ve been totally looking forward to…1) I went and saw the broadway play Wicked. I am not much of a play person, but it was a really fun story and the cast was amazing. For those of you who don’t know, it is a parallel story of The Wizard of Oz about the Wicked Witch of the West. And since it was a book before it was a play, I may just have to read the book now. 2) I went to Jasmine Star’s theFix. If you’re not a photographer you probably don’t know who Jasmine Star is. She is a wedding photographer based in Orange County California that is known for her beautiful work, transforming the industry by sharing knowledge and her personal story, and pretty much being a celebrity of the wedding photography world (at least in my opinion!) It was an evening of meeting and chatting biz with other photographers, listening to the amazing and always quirky presentation from Jasmine, and leaving with a sense of awwww and motivation :) Did I mention there was an open bar? haha

For my family and friends back in Wisconsin, enjoy your SNOW DAY! As much as I don’t miss the uber-cold-hair-and-nose-freezing days, hearing of a snow day made me a bit sentimental. Oh how I remember those days listening to the radio waiting, wishing, praying that my school would be called. I always miss you all, but today I also miss the snow :)

And lastly, a quick peek from baby G’s newborn session yesterday. I just can’t over this guy, too much!

♥ Emily


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  • February 29, 2012 - 2:03 pm

    Meridith - Sadly I am missing the NYC j* the fix, I will be in Orange County- go figure? Hope it was fun & informative!

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