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Midweek Randomness, take 11

Last night the hubby and I made a Costco trip. Does everyone leave there with a full cart and a lifetime supply of something totally unnecessary every time?? Ummm, cause we sure do! However, I must say that we usually do enjoy ourselves when we go. For last nights enjoyment, we rode bikes around the store, tested dog beds, and argued in depth about what type of granola bars to get. Yup! Today you can find me playing with my new office phone and external hard drive. d-d-don’t be jealous, just go to Costco :)

This last weekend was Mr C’s 1st Birthday. You may recognize him from here since him and his parents have graced the blog quite a bit in the last year. They are family of my husband and when his awesome mama started planning his 1st Birthday party, she asked if I would do a little photobooth at his “A Year in a Flash” celebration. I was in! P.S. Thank you Pinterest for the ideas :)

It turned out super cute and we all had waaaay too much fun with it.

These were the cupcakes… lol

And lastly, here is the Birthday boy himself!

Happy Wednesday friends! Don’t forget to check out the details on spring mini sessions!

♥ Emily

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