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Midweek Randomness, take 10

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day! Me, I had a pretty awesome one. The hubby spoiled me a bit by leaving flowers and a present in the morning when he left for work and taking me out to a fancy dinner in the evening. My present contained a packer mug, cutting board, garlic press, meat tenderizer, chip clips, and a spice rack. He knows the way right to my heart! Haha. I know they are all random kitchen items, but they are all things that I needed, so kudos to him for being so thoughtful and practical :) For dinner we went to Talavera in Scottsdale at the Four Seasons resort. It was pretty fancy smancy, but its fun to do something a little out of your usual zone for occasions like this. It was a five course meal that started with oysters and caviar and ended with the most amazing chocolate cake and raspberry truffle. The desert I would try again, the caviar…probably not!

When I write this random post each Wednesday, sometimes I have to get out my phone and look at the pictures I took in the last week to remember what I did. So I thought this week I would share what I found :)

1. Me making “healthy” popcorn to smuggle into the movies with Seth
2. A beautiful Arizona sunset
3. Discovering that Reese’s eggs are already available at the grocery store
4. Getting ready for my girlfriends bachelorette party staring at the socks I have to wear…hhhmmmm :)
5. Going to Wal-Mart at midnight to get the Twilight movie right when it comes out!
6. The hubby making me yummy weekend breakfast, banana pancakes and sausage
7. Contemplating eating Reese’s hearts for lunch (are you noticing a trend here?)
8. Our delish Valentine’s day desert – raspberry truffle and chocolate cake


And here is a lovely teaser from this weekends engagement session. I fell in LOVE with this picture when I took it!


Happy Wednesday and watch for details tomorrow on spring mini sessions!

♥ Emily

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