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Sisha + Joaquin | Chandler Wedding Photography


Sisha and Joaquin were married at Inspirador (one of my favorite venues!) on 10.23.11. The ceremony was at sunset and Sisha and Joaquin preferred not to meet for a “first look” before the wedding, so it was a unique day for me as the photographer to make it all work :) After the ceremony we did all the wedding party pictures and since it was after sunset, I had to get creative with lighting. For the portraits of a wedding day I work mostly with natural light, so this was fun to do something a bit different and challenge myself. Also, instead of doing any bride and groom portraits the day of, we met the day after the wedding and did all their pictures together. This is an option for those that prefer a sunset ceremony and don’t want to see each other before the wedding, but it does require getting pretty the day after and having everything still available and clean (dress, tux, flowers, venue) :)

Our plan worked perfectly and their wedding day was beautiful, unique, and full of emotion. Thanks Sisha and Joaquin for allowing me to join in on your day and capture these memories!

Happy Muuunday all!

♥ Emily


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