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Midweek Randomness, take 5

I’m feeling a little disconnected from my dear blog. Its been a crazy last month with the holidays, family, Arizona to Wisconsin to Arizona to Las Vegas to Arizona, the Phoenix Bridal Show, and a little more family :)

So here’s what I’ve been up to…

Shot my last wedding of 2011 in mid December – what an amazing day with Kirby and Josh! I will be sharing their full wedding in the next few weeks.

Spent 2 weeks with my crazy family in Wisconsin for Christmas.

Where I got my first film camera :)

When I returned back to AZ we got right in the car and drove to Vegas for the New Year! Did you think you were going to get a picture? no no, what happens in Vegas


And finally, the first week of the New Year I spent prepping my booth for the Phoenix Bridal Show with my sister. I seriously could NOT have done it without my sis being here. She was an amazing help, creative mind, and so much fun to spend the 2 days of the show with.

We were supa-stars! Thanks to all the brides and vendors that stopped by the booth. It was such a great experience!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are lovin the start of 2012! Watch for some new sessions on the blog starting tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

♥ Emily

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