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Katie | Scottsdale Senior Photography

Katie is a super sweet high school senior graduating this year from Pinnacle High. Since she has a love for photography herself, I was pretty excited to meet her and capture this stage in her life. In addition to photography, she loves shopping, Starbucks, Taylor Swift, Reeses, and Oreganos…uummmm…my kind of girl!! :)

We ventured around Scottsdale for her session and even got stuck together in the middle of an Arizona storm burst. That was us hiding under an awning huddled to one another. Me, worried about my client and my camera. Ha! However, just prior to the storm, I was able to grab a couple cool shots of her with the storm clouds. Made it all worth it!

♥ Emily


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  • January 6, 2014 - 4:17 pm

    Dan and Melissa - These are really great shots!

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