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Midweek Randomness, take 3

Hope you didn’t miss my randomness too much last week. I planned to write, but then I got caught up in cooking. Yes, me, cooking…and here is what I was mixin up! :)

I made my grandma’s famous ginger creme cookies. They are my absolute favorite and since I don’t go back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving (we spend it with my hubby’s fam) I have to make them if I want to enjoy them. And after a weeks worth of eating these, I am ready for some quality time with the elliptical, foooor reals.


I also made my nana’s (my other grandmother) famous ring-o salad! She makes it in Wisconsin for every family function and once Seth had a taste of it, he fell in love. I myself like ring-o, but Seth LOVES it, so it has become a must have for him at Thanksgiving. It involves a LOT of veggie chopping and if I get a strong onion, a LOT of crying on my part ;)


Besides the Thanksgiving Eve cook-a-thon, another sign of the holidays is my blood blistered fingers. hhhmmm, you’re thinking…that sounds strange. Well its just from trying to crack open these. yuuuuummy…


And lastly, Seth and I got our pictures taken. We haven’t had any pictures since our wedding, so I was super excited to do a photo swap with my photographer friend and get some fun ones of the two of us. And to be honest, I was really nervous about these. I wanted everything to be perfect (our outfits, the place, my hair, ya ya ya) and it stressed me out! I totally feel for my clients now, haha :) Despite all the stress, it turned out great! Seth was a total stud and spun me around, held my hand, and made me laugh…he’s so dang sweet. So here is a little peek into our session with the fabulous photog, Diana Carver. Thank you sooooo much, friend!


Congrats on makin it over half way through the work week and thanks for readin!

♥ Emily

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  • December 19, 2011 - 3:39 pm

    Kristen - Can i get your Ring-O salad recipe? It looks pretty yummy!

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