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Midweek Randomness, take 2

Last night I had a super fun session with a favorite family of mine. We met down in Florence, AZ for pictures (I’m a fan of gettin out of the city!) and I am just lovin how they turned out. Their little lady is turning 1 this month and was oh so intrigued by the “dogs” (chickens and donkeys) during the session :) Towards the end we ventured out into a cotton field for a few and below is a sneak peek of what we got, oh ♥. As we were walking out of the field, the big cotton harvesting equipment (no idea what they are called) were pulling up, so I think we caught the field at its finest.


I survived the weekend with back-to-back weddings on Friday and Saturday, whew. And ended the weekend with a Twilight and editing marathon on Sunday. I watched all 3 Twilight movies in preparation for the Breaking Dawn premiere this week and edited 5 portrait sessions. WAM BAM, thank ya vampires!

And some very happy news for my little family today…my cute-lovable-baby-boy-pug can see! In early October we discovered that Bronx, our 8 year old pug, had pretty severe doggy diabetes (yes folks, dogs can get diabetes too). So the month of October for us was a little tough as Bronx dropped 5 doggy lbs and we tried to get his blood sugar levels under control. Unfortunately we had a hard time stabilizing it and from the high blood sugar he lost his vision very suddenly. The diabetes was hard to deal with, but the loss in vision was devastating for us and for Bronx. I never thought something like this would be so heart breaking and life changing, but it was. We had to lead him everywhere, help him eat, and watch him non-stop. A house with a non-fenced pool and large staircase isn’t easy for a blind dog. A few days later he started to develop some complications with his eyes and after visiting a specialist we decided to move forward with surgery to fix him up. Its now been almost 3 weeks since the surgery and we got a thumbs up from the doc today that he is doing great, and most importantly, he can see!


So yes, my husband has not had Lasik as he desires, but our Bronx has had eye surgery and is now back to being a happy happy pup :)

Thanks for readin. Enjoy your week, your puppies, your family, and get ready for Turkey day!

♥ Emily

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