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Jane + Duncan | Sedona Wedding Photography

Duncan and I met at a friend’s BBQ the summer of 2007. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt that had a jelly belly bean on it. Funny enough, I didn’t particularly like Duncan the first time I met him haha! He kept bugging me to play a video game with him (yeah since women loooove video games). I finally relented and agreed to one game, which I promptly beat him at, mind you I had never even played this game before. He was in shock and wanted a rematch…but ’twas almost the stroke of midnight and I needed to get home. I lost one of my shoes at some point that night, so alas I left half shoe-less. As I was leaving, my future prince charming couldn’t remember my name and asked “hey J, where ya goin’?”. I waved him off and got in my pumpkin, never expecting to see him again. Lo and behold the next weekend my friend invited me out to the Museum Club for drinks and guess who was there? Yes, prince charming of course, holding my lost shoe no less (ok not really but it would’ve made a great Cinderella tale right! Clearly I watched one too many Disney movies as a kid. The shoe was actually eaten by my friend’s dog, never to be seen again). Anywho, back to the real story. Duncan kept bugging me to dance to country music with him, which just was not my cup o’ tea, I politely refused numerous times but he just wouldn’t give up. So eventually I agreed just to stop the pestering. It was actually sort of fun! Then he asked me to go out for sushi the next weekend, well I agreed and the rest is history as they say!

Jane and Duncan were married on 10.15.11 at Slide Rock State Park in Sedona. I was so looking forward to their big day to escape to the red rock city and shoot a wedding in such a gorgeous and unique spot. Since Jane’s brother is a local park ranger they were able to host the wedding at the state park and the reception in the very cool apple packing barn.

The day was perfect and moved a long with a beautiful calm. I was so honored to be a part of it with such an amazing couple. Congrats Janie and Duncan and enjoy some of my favorites!

♥ Emily

PINPINPINPINPINPINPINA cute moment with mom.PINTheir first-lookPINPINLoved this spotPINPINOoooh, favorite!PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINFun with the galsPINPINPINSuch a fun wedding party!PINPINPINPINPIN

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