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We Are Family | Wisconsin Family Photography

Because my “job” is so dang amazing I’ve been able spend a lot of time with my family in Wisconsin this summer (insert yaaaaay’s). And this of course means I’ve been snapping lots of pictures of my lovely loved ones! :)

I am headed back to arizona today from my 2nd trip of the summer and thought I would share a few of my favorites so far. I am in awwwwwe of the backdrops and scenery that are available in Wisconsin. I took it for granted growing up here and now appreciate it much more with my photographer eye. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona is beautiful, but I at times get a little tired of the constant bright sun and lack of…green. So I have most definitely had fun playing with the flowery fields, overcast days, and all over green.

Enjoy :) And first up, my beautiful and now teenage niece, Mya-Mo

PINPINPINshe is a goofPINPINPINMy little bro, JakePINPINMy lovely and sweet red-headed cousin, MaddyPINLove this one!PINAnd my one and only sister, Molly, and her future fiance, Victor. hehePINPINThese two are cuteness.PIN

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  • August 4, 2011 - 8:42 am

    Molly - Love them! Way to go, Mimmers.

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