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101 in 1001

Well this has been on my list for a few months now and it has definitely taken some time to put together, but it is finally complete! i made it a goal to get my goals done. success! :)

What i’ve been working on is my 101 goals that i want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. This gives me until 12/25/13 to complete them! Some goals will be easier to reach, while others are a bit crazy and will take some serious work (and faith!). Also, they aren’t just business goals, I’ve added some personal ones too. A lot of photographers I follow have done this, so they’ve inspired me and I think it will be a lot of fun to document and keep track of.

So take a look and if you think you can help me along the way, just yell! I’ll be updating the list and blogging about my progress as I knock em’ out, so stay tuned :)

♥ Emily

  1. Blog 2-3 times per week (a mix of personal and business) – been going strong at this since January 2012!!
  2. Attend a workshop on lighting/flash – attended Gray Photography’s workshop in Nashville! 10/2011
  3. Attend local PUG meetings – attended 4/2011, 5/2011, 6/2011, 12/2011, 3/2012, 5/2012
  4. Shoot a session on a beach – completed 6/2011
  5. Get professional pictures taken of me and Seth – completed by the fab Diana 11/2011
  6. Replace the carpet and tile in my house
  7. Get rid of the black leather bachelor pad furniture – sorry honey!
  8. Reeeally learn how to drive my beetle
  9. Print and frame our wedding pictures
  10. Create a portfolio website
  11. Attend a photography or business workshop each year – MJ2Day 1/2011, Gray Photography In-Camera 10/2011
  12. 2nd shoot a wedding with a photographer I admire – completed 6/2011 with the fabulous Kimberly Jarman! Mmmmy idol!
  13. Have a date night once a week with the hubby
  14. Walk my doggies more – been walking a lot with them now that I work from home :)
  15. Get published online – completed 11/2011 on the Phoenix Bride&Groom blog!
  16. Get published in print – completed 5/2012 in Arizona Weddings!
  17. 2,000 Facebook followers
  18. Ramp up site traffic on blog
  19. 500 Twitter followers
  20. Print sample wedding albums – completed 7/2011
  21. Attend WPPI
  22. Have ESP pens made
  23. Create a wedding packet for prospective clients – completed 1/2012
  24. Put together brochures for portraits and weddings – completed 8/2012
  25. Shoot a wedding in another state – 7/2011 in Wisconsin!
  26. Shoot a wedding in another country completed 4/2012
  27. Create a monthly newsletter and start collecting opt-ins – completed 8/2011
  28. Find a photography assistant to help with wedding days – completed 5/2011
  29. Update my branding/logo – completed 7/2011
  30. Create a comfortable, bright, awesome workspace at home – completed 7/2011
  31. Exercise 3-4 times a week
  32. Turn around weddings images in 2 weeks and portraits in 1
  33. Work 100% in photography – no day job! – WOOT! Completed 10/2011
  34. Get a macro lens – completed 7/2011
  35. Get a fish eye lens
  36. Have a baby
  37. Vacation to Hawaii
  38. Cruise to Alaska
  39. Long vacation traveling around Europe
  40. Road trip with the hubby to Wisconsin
  41. Take a girls trip – Nashville 10/2011 with my sista and Sara
  42. Get a new car
  43. Hold summer sessions in Pinetop
  44. Learn to use Photojunction for album design – completed 6/2011. BUT then I found something even better! Adobe Indesign
  45. Read a book a month
  46. Print large canvases for my new pretty office – completed 1/2012
  47. Go to a broadway play
  48. Photograph my mom and brother – completed 8/2011
  49. Photograph my dad and stepmom – completed 6/2012
  50. Photograph my sister and her fam – completed 8/2011
  51. Photograph my grandparents – completed 3/2012
  52. high school senior session – completed 4/2011
  53. Get new business cards I looove – completed 8/2011
  54. Send anniversary cards to past couples
  55. Have a sleep over with Will and Tanya (niece and nepew) – completed 8/2011
  56. Host a dinner party at my house
  57. Attend 311 Day – completed 3/2012 WOOOT!
  58. Go to a Packer game at Lambeau Field
  59. Use my ice cream maker
  60. Use my crock pot – completed 5/2011
  61. Donate a photoshoot to a charity auction
  62. Watch all the seasons of Sex and the City…again
  63. Read all the Sookie Stackhouse books…again
  64. Buy a new point and shoot camera
  65. Buy an iPad – completed 5/2011
  66. Update the music on my computer/iPod
  67. Go to the shooting range with Seth – completed 1/2012
  68. Visit B&H camera store in New York City
  69. Win a photography award
  70. Get a beach cruiser bike…yeeeaaah
  71. Find a church Seth and I enjoy
  72. Fly first class
  73. Have a session video taped – completed 4/2012
  74. Go to a music concert, besides 311 :) – Blue October 9/2011 and Grand Ole Opry 10/2011
  75. Photograph a sunrise
  76. Look into and purchase Totally Rad Actions – purchased Kubota actions instead :) 10/2011
  77. Shoot a themed wedding
  78. Hike the Grand Canyon with my dad
  79. Go on a camping trip
  80. Get a new phone – completed 6/2011, and again 7/2012 :)
  81. Have a star wars movie marathon
  82. Clean out my closet
  83. New wardrobe
  84. Turn 30 gracefully
  85. Create address labels – completed 7/2011
  86. Learn how to change a tire
  87. Shoot a “Trash the Dress” session completed 4/2012
  88. Shoot a boudoir session
  89. Develop a client referral program
  90. Send out holiday cards– completed 12/2011
  91. Create workflows in ShootQ
  92. Create questionnaires for portrait sessions
  93. Get logo stickers – completed 7/2011
  94. Form an LLC for my business – completed 3/2012
  95. Create price lists for different type of portrait sessions
  96. Take photos of Seth fishing – completed 6/2011
  97. Get my childhood bed and Emily (my doll) from WI to AZ
  98. Get a wireless printer – completed 5/2011
  99. Find a really cool vintage chair – completed 10/2011
  100. Make a list of shoot location ideas
  101. Create a new 101 list

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  • March 31, 2011 - 4:28 am

    meridith - When you come to B&H let me know we can meet up. Great list.

  • March 31, 2011 - 8:24 am

    Molly - #8 made me bust out laughing!
    #36 ooooohhhh how exciting!
    #41 & 58 – You HAVE to take too
    #77 Might be mine….
    #78 Made me cry. I have never even seen the grand canyon and I really need to reconnect you both you & dad. I want to start planning it now.
    #97 We have it & you can take it home with you while you are doing your #40!

    I am sooo proud of you, Emily. You’re an amazing woman!I need you in my more life. This list is exactly what I need to do to give my life a kick. You are going to do them all because you wrote them down and you have to be accountable because we all know now! I love you sooo much xoxoxoxo

  • March 31, 2011 - 8:32 am

    Stephanie - Love it! I’m inspired to make my own list. And…I’m thinking we should do a girls’ trip to New York City, see a Broadway show, perhaps a concert that’s not 311 and watch all of the Sex and the City seasons to get us ready for the trip!

  • March 31, 2011 - 9:09 am

    Stephanie - Oh yeah…and I’m pretty sure we can take a stab at “new wardrobe” while we’re there. :)

  • March 31, 2011 - 10:46 am

    emilysnitzer - Thanks Meredith! I will most definitely let you know when I’m in NYC :)

    Molly – you got me all teary eyed, sista! you are incredibly inspirational to me and you have accomplished so much already. there are so many you can help me with and i’m so glad i inspired you too! we can conquer our lists together :) love you sooooo much. maybe i should add our weekly phone date to my list? ;)

    Steph – seriously, we should start planning this! that sounds soooo wonderful. miss you!

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